Dinner Menu


"Our dinner menu offers a variety of gourmet options to suit any taste"
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Lobster Thermidor

Served with peas and rice and vegetables.

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Surf and Turf (Lobster/Shrimp and Steak)

Served with garlic mashed potatoes and seared asparagus.

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Honey jerked Salmon / Honey Lemon Salmon

Served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables.

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Baked/ Cajun /Jerked Lobster

Served with Parmesan risotto and grilled asparagus. 

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Jerked Grouper Fillet

Served with coconut rice and mango avocado salsa.

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Caribbean Jerked Chicken

Served with coconut peas & rice and fried plantains.

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Herb Marinated Lamb

Served with sweet mashed potato and Steamed vegetables.

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Pan Seared Snapper fillet

Served with a lemon garlic cream sauce, and steamed vegetables.

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Lobster Rasta Pasta

Fresh lobster meat sautéed with a medley of colorful bell peppers, onions, and Jamaican spices.

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Tuscan salmon Pasta

This creamy Tuscan salmon and pasta has a delicious, garlicky cream sauce.

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Herbed Lambchops

Lamb chops are very robust in flavor, so they can stand up to potent earthy herbs and spices.

Dinner Menu


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Grilled/BBQ Ribs

Served with coleslaw and our signature BBQ sauce, they're a satisfying meal.

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Grilled/BBQ chicken

Our Grilled/BBQ Chicken is marinated in our special blend of spices and grilled to perfection.

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Grilled Fish

Made with the freshest catch of the day, it's a light and healthy choice for seafood lovers.

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Grilled conch

Served with a side of island rice and our signature BBQ sauce, it's a delicious Caribbean delicacy. 

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Shrimp/Chicken/Beef Kebabs

Marinated in our special blend of spices, they're a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy grilled meat.

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Grilled Tomahawk Steak

With loaded seafood potatoes, grilles corn and collard greens.

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Signature Guava, Tamarind or Bambara BBQ Sauce

Made with the freshest tropical ingredients. Each sauce has a unique and delicious flavor that complements our grilled meats perfectly.

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Grilled Island Corn

Brushed with butter and spices, it's the perfect side dish for any grilled meal.